8' 4" #5 Wojnicki Stalker

Buy Now: $1250

Wojnicki 8’ 4” #5 Line Glass Winston Stalker. About 10 years ago, the Master cut this blank for me for the express purpose of spring creek fishing. This rod is an old friend that has that has accompanied me on several trips to the Henry’s Fork and Hat Creek. The stick excels at casting in the 30-45 range but has power to reach out if necessary but also retains the essential delicacy needed for hunting wary trout. The wraps are finished with varnish over translucent red silk with white tipping. The grip is a comfortable Wojnicki style wells with a cork reel seat and blued, knurled slide bands. The nomenclature reads; MW 8.4FT. 5WF LINE #588.2


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